Questions to Ask before Launching a PR Campaign

by mike freeman on 5 October 2016

Reporters are inundated every day with the latest company and product news. While each company believes it has the next best thing, reporters are looking for uniqueness to capture their readers’ attention. How can your company stand out?

In order to connect with reporters and readers, you must have a compelling story to tell. To find your story, ask yourself a few questions. What makes your company or product different? Have you created a game changing product designed to meet a specific need, or is it completely revolutionary and never seen before in the marketplace? Do you have news that would be of interest to more than just your current customer base? Can your leadership team and staff connect what you have to talk about to industry news and events?

You may not have an answer for all of these questions, but in order to pique the interest of a reporter you must know how and why you stand out from the crowd. Once you decide what you think makes your company different, ask someone impartial what they think. They may have feedback or another angle that makes your idea even more interesting.

Your story is what makes your company unique. By asking yourself these four questions, you are in a better place to share that story with the media.