Growing B2B Sales Through Trade PR

by Pete Loscocco on 4 January 2017

Interested in growing sales? Wide-net B2B prospecting and cold calling not yielding results? Why not draw the customers to you. How? Through targeted public relations in your industry’s trade magazines.

Trade magazines and their affiliated news websites are where thousands of your potential customers – decision makers from companies who are in your target industry and could use your product or service – frequently go for information.  These companies are looking for updates on new products, technologies, tips and trends. They represent a gold mine of potential sales. Tapping into this channel of potential B2B sales is surprisingly easy, and can yield significant results.

First, identify the leading trade magazines for your industry, or more importantly, your customers’ industry segments.  Look at the magazine profiles – who do they serve, what is their reach, what type of news and articles do they carry? Note their editors, not just the editors in chief, but those focused on product news, features and industry trends. Contact the magazines and obtain editorial calendars so you can see when they might be focusing on topics that are relevant to your products.

Next, determine what news about your product offerings might be of interest to the readers of the magazines. Have a new product or service? Expanding your production capabilities? Obtained a new big contract or product application? Helped a customer solve a unique application challenge? Any of these items is a potential news article or mention that could bring visibility to your company.

Then, contact key editors. Introduce yourself, your company and your product offering. Have a news item ready to pitch to them. Think elevator speech – briefly describe your news, and why it really is newsworthy. Ask them about their needs and how best to work with them. Even if this initial conversation doesn’t result in an article, it will pave the way for future articles or perhaps an interview.

Finally, begin sending the magazines press releases on newsworthy events. New products. Executive moves. Applications. Product case histories. Technical papers you are presenting. These magazines and their websites need content, and by providing well-written, timely and relevant information, you can help fill their need for content while obtaining visibility for your company.

That visibility will often turn into high-quality B2B sales leads. And a steady flow of article and news placements can mean a steady stream of contacts from qualified customers interested in your product or service.

A final note – pictures help! If you have good photography of your product or related applications that you can provide to a magazine, it is always welcome and often will help get your article placed. On a few occasions, that photography has found its way onto a magazine cover – with great results.