Feeding the Content Beast: 3 Great Resources

by mike freeman on 1 October 2016

Today, marketers are being tasked with creating more content than ever before. Between press releases, articles and social media copy, companies need to provide a constant stream of news and stories.

To keep the content pipeline full and fresh, try tapping into these resources:

Employees – The next idea can come from anywhere within the organization. It isn’t just the marketing, communications or social media teams who bring ideas to the table; anyone can have a suggestion that leads to compelling content across multiple channels. Brainstorm with teams throughout the company to understand their learnings, issues and successes.

Customers – With your customer database, you have a built-in resource of brand enthusiasts. Monitor your social media channels to see what your “fans” are talking about. Not only will this help you to respond to any questions, concerns or feedback quickly, but it will allow you to gather information for articles or other traditional media opportunities.

Some brand loyalists are eager to become more involved with their favorite products. Offering them the opportunity to contribute blog postings about your products or how the products fit into their lifestyle provides a way to gather content and build better relationships with your customers. You can even tap into their expertise – if you are a fitness brand, have fans that are trainers contribute, or if you sell health foods, have a nutritionist customer provide content. Your customers can offer a wealth of material.

Current Events – News is another great source of content. Use news that relates to your industry to create a dialogue across your media channels. Take into consideration that some news, often involving controversy or tragedy, is off limits. However, other areas where you can provide commentary or expert opinion can be great opportunities for content.