Five Ways to Shake Down Copy

by Abby Millager on 11 April 2017

You just devoted real money (and/or time) on content development. You’re happy with the result, but you can’t shake that morning-after feeling – is that all there is?

Probably not.

In the spirit of sustainability (of your content marketing budget), here are five ways you can squeeze additional value from one good chunk of copy.

1. Break it down – Lift sound bytes from the copy for Twitter, Facebook and sponsored posts on LinkedIn. Tease part of the message, and link to the rest.

2. Stretch it – Reuse the copy as a blog post. If it’s longer than your typical posts, divide it into serial parts.

3. Build it up – If the copy is short, think about how you might expand on it. Sometimes seeing your earlier ideas in print can trigger the next great piece of content.

4. Pitch it – Have your communications team send a synopsis to the media. With a little reworking, you can possibly leverage the new content into an article for publication.

5. Send it out – Prove your status as a thought leader by sending part or all of the content to prospects in your email marketing database.

Bottom line: with a little bit of tweaking, each investment you make in content should pay off in multiple ways, over time.