At Freeman Communications, our goal is simple: produce measurable results from industry-leading content. We know results speak for themselves through earned media publicity, increased awareness, customer engagement and sales growth. This is what drives us – because your bottom line is our bottom line.


Freeman Communications was founded in 2004 to address a need in the marketplace for results-driven communications. We are a content marketing and public relations firm that drives B2C and B2B strategy for clients in a variety of industries. The subject matter expertise of our content team, our accessible and flexible business model, and our transparent approach to delivering measurable results, set us apart in the crowded world of marketing agencies.

We have grown a lot over the years. The range of services we offer continues to expand, based on the needs of the businesses we support. We tend to get very intertwined with clients as our value becomes apparent. And while our core practice areas have remained somewhat constant, we are always eager to adapt our proven approach to content marketing and public relations within new industries. We love challenger brands and emerging product categories as much as we do traditional B2B companies. Every client presents a unique opportunity to dive in, optimize and deliver results.