Why Cincinnati?


What’s so great about Cincinnati? We hear that a lot. First, it’s home. But it’s also a great place to be in the business of marketing things. With a booming economy and easy proximity to most major cities in the eastern U.S., our little river town has a lot going for it. The Cincinnati metro area boasts more Fortune 500 company HQ’s per capita than New York, Boston, Chicago or L.A. We are home to the world’s largest consumer products company (Procter & Gamble), the biggest supermarket chain in the U.S. (Kroger) and the world’s top fashion goods retailer (Macy’s).

But it’s not all about the Fortune 500’s – Cincinnati is an entrepreneurial breeding ground. And not to brag, but we are a regional hotbed of marketing talent, with dozens of agencies supporting a dynamic business community.

Cincinnati is also a cultural hub for the midwest. With a strong arts community, vibrant architectural history, professional sports and an innovative restaurant and nightlife scene, we don’t get bored.