Architecture & Design

How do design, architecture and construction firms stand out in today’s market?
By showcasing their signature projects and their original thinking. We’re experts at helping do both.

Pain Points

The field of architecture and design is both art and science. Clients want to work with firms that create spaces that are aesthetically exciting certainly – but also compelling from a bottom line perspective. They’re looking for leadership in everything from innovation and user engagement to sustainability and functionality. The field is intensely competitive and building a distinct brand is difficult.

Our Solution

Freeman Communications has over a decade of experience helping design and architecture firms build their profiles. We have generated media coverage for dozens of client projects and written white papers and option pieces on topics ranging from retail design in South Korea to the benefits of modeling and simulation for plant design. We know how to create content that demands attention and maximizes reach across traditional and new media.

Featured case studY

Creating a compelling space for a leader in retail design

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