Spyder | Media Coverage

by mike freeman on 2 June 2021

Spyder started out as a small maker of unconventional, innovative tools, such as a scraper attachment for reciprocating saws and a hole saw that ejects wood cores with the push of a button. However, after a decade in business, the company’s trajectory had changed. Spyder started entering other product categories such as circular saw blades, grinder wheels and wood-boring tools. Spyder also began partnerships with high-volume retail customers such as Lowe’s, increasing the company’s visibility and reach among tool consumers. Freeman was brought on to create a public relations strategy that would position the company as what it had become — no longer a specialty tool maker, but a cutting-edge brand making top-of-the-line, high-performance power tool accessories geared toward professional contractors and tradespeople.


Freeman initiated a public relations plan with the goal of getting Spyder — and their newest products — featured in numerous trade- and tool-focused digital and print publications, as well as hybrid publications like tool blogs and YouTube series. With a new product launch every few months, a product-focused PR strategy would pack the most punch. With each new launch, Freeman prepared news releases that focused on the unique benefits of Spyder products. Releases were sent to Freeman’s curated list of editors, reporters and reviewers, as well as posted to the news wire. Review samples were offered with each media pitch. Freeman also secured a product deal with one of the most respected tool outlets, Pro Tool Reviews, to feature a Spyder blade on every saw they tested in 2020. In 2020 alone, these efforts resulted in more than 500 billion impressions and placements in outlets such as Popular Mechanics, Yahoo! Finance, Builder Magazine, Tools in Action, and much more.

Media Mentions: 500+ Impressions: 500 Billion Advertising Value: 5 Million National Awards 2