Hexion, a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals for numerous industries and applications, was introducing a series of breakthrough products for wind turbine rotor blade components. They wanted to deliver the news in a compelling way to a variety of audiences, some highly technical, others more interested in bottom-line benefits.


Based on in-depth audience analysis, the Freeman team of strategists, content specialists and technical writers developed a plan around three key recommendations: 1) Find your mantra and lead with it. 2) Tailor your talk. 3) Capitalize on digital.


We developed the “Lighter, Longer, Stronger” campaign theme based on a deep-dive into the features and benefits of the new products. We produced a range of collateral, including a high-gloss product brochure highlighting C-suite hot points such as cost efficiency, a 16-page white paper for the technical audience, digital display advertising and an email marketing campaign – to drive prospects to a new microsite


We generated 2,000 unique visits to the microsite over the course of the campaign (a 750% increase over typical website activity). Additionally, we produced 60 downloads of a registration-required white paper, and a 25% open rate for the email campaign with an 83% click-thru to the microsite.