Hexion | Communications Strategy

by mike freeman on 1 June 2021

Hexion, a global manufacturer of resins and adhesives for the wind energy industry, was introducing a series of breakthrough products for wind turbine rotor blade components. The challenge was to deliver the news in a compelling way to a variety of audiences, some highly technical, others more interested in the bottom-line. After an initial audience analysis, the Freeman team of content specialists and technical writers made three key recommendations.


  1. Find our mantra and lead with it. Always. Hexion’s new technology enables the production of lighter, stronger blade parts which, in turn, make longer blades feasible. Longer blades make wind turbines a more competitive energy source. These insights led to “Lighter, Longer, Stronger” as a memorable campaign theme.
  2. Tailor our talk. Hexion needed to co-sell the message to both technically driven blade designers and their more practical bosses. We developed a range of sales materials, from an “overview” brochure with macro messages about innovation and cost efficiency to a 16-page white paper that covers the chemical and mechanical nitty-gritty of how the technology works.
  3. Capitalize on digital. Freeman helped leverage the efficiency and reach of direct digital marketing. We developed a dedicated website about Hexion’s new offering, and drove visitors there with a promotional banner ad campaign and an email marketing campaign – all to capture leads.