SENCO | Social Ambassador Program

by mike freeman on 5 April 2021

SENCO has long held a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality pneumatic tools and made-in-the-USA fasteners. However, the company’s user base largely consisted of loyal, legacy customers — woodworkers and contractors who had used SENCO nailers for decades, and whose parents had used them as well. With new, high-tech, cordless tools nearing release, as well as updates to its legacy pneumatics, SENCO needed to generate brand awareness and excitement among new customers who were more likely to consume media digitally than read traditional tool publications or attend trade shows, where the bulk of SENCO’s marketing budget had historically been spent. Additionally, capturing high-quality photos and videos of SENCO tools in action had proven a challenge for the brand, and the marketing team needed more user-generated content to liven up SENCO’s social media feeds.


Freeman proposed a turn-key brand ambassador program and quickly set out to find some of the best and most trusted drywall, woodworking and general construction influencers. Having recently hosted two dozen influencers at SENCO’s booth at the STAFDA trade show, Freeman contracted with four of those high-profile creators who had demonstrated genuine affinity and excitement for SENCO products. The ambassadors’ content more than doubled the reach of organic SENCO content on Instagram and provided volumes of content for SENCO to repost. In its first six months, the program was so successful that Freeman doubled the number of ambassadors, incorporating a second drywall influencer, two contractors — including Instagram’s most prominent finish-and-trim carpenter — and a Spanish-speaking influencer to reach vital audiences on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Ambassadors: 8

Combined Audience: 1.5 Million

Reach: 700,000 Per Month

Likes: 20,000 Per Month