SENCO | STAFDA Influencer Blitz

by mike freeman on 5 April 2021

SENCO is well-known among contractors and builders for its legacy of high-quality pneumatic tools and fasteners. Independent retailers know SENCO as a critical partner, providing top-notch sales support and service across a broad network of dealers and distributors. So how do you launch an innovative product line at STAFDA (Specialty Tools and Fasteners Distributors’ Association), the channel’s premier annual trade show? We needed to unveil their new line of DURASPIN cordless collated screwdrivers — not just to potential channel buyers, but to the tool industry’s key influencers. Freeman knew that if the influencers loved DURASPIN, the dealers would get on board quickly too.


The Freeman team developed a plan to reach out to all the major industry influencers, the “players” making and breaking new tool launches every day. We established who was attending and invited them to the booth to interview SENCO’s product management team. The influencers got hands-on with the impressive features and performance of the new DURASPIN lineup. Each influencer was given the VIP treatment and got plenty of time to shoot on-site videos and photos to share with their massive social media followings.